"We share everything in the band on a financial level," says Georg Dolivo of Rhino Bucket. "The only way you can be fair is to share every dime you make. It would be horrible for one guy to have to buy a Ford Escort and the other a Ferrari."

Rhino Bucket has been around for more than two decades, making AC/DC-inspired rock albums for the ages. The band has seven albums to its credit and is currently touring behind 'The Hardest Town.' The current lineup boasts Dolivo on vocals, bassist Reeve Downes, guitarist Brian Forsythe (of Kix) and drummer Simon Wright (formerly of AC/DC).

As it happens, 'The Hardest Town' wasn't the easiest album to make. The band suffered some major setbacks during the recording process, losing the original producer to an illness. "We started over a year and a half ago. We did it at Brian's house, everything was going great, we were having a wonderful time and then the producer we started working with had a nervous breakdown." Dolivo admits. "Had we released the album the other producer was doing when he had his nervous breakdown, you would have been shocked."

Rhino Bucket rallied and finished the disc with the help of Acetate Records. In the end, 12 songs were selected for 'The Hardest Town.' "On this last album, it was really great because Brian, Reeve and even Simon stepped up and brought whole [song] ideas of their own. Then, we also sometimes just got together and would hammer it out," adds Dolivo.

Rhino Bucket will tour America through October and hit Europe at the beginning of 2010.