Only one year ago, Revocation were just another passionate young metal act with no record label. But, the Brighton, Mass, trio kick started the new decade with their Relapse Records debut, the September-released 'Existence is Futile,' securing them a surprising accolade as one of Spin magazine's 'Ten Artists to Watch in 2010.' Not a bad way start a new year.

"Totally. We're really stoked to be part of that," Revocation's vocalist/guitarist David Davidson tells Noisecreep. "But we're really surprised at the same time. A big magazine like Spin doesn't cover metal, certainly not underground metal." He's right, of course, the big rock mags cover metal when bands become huge and they can no longer ignore them -- say, the Mastodons of this world. Davidson agrees but remains non-judgmental. "It was a pleasant surprise when they wanted to do an interview with us."

For now, awards aside, it's down to the business of a two-month winter tour that takes the threesome through the U.S., and a spring trek that lands them in Japan for their first shows there. "This is going to be the first time we're going to be in a lot of places," says Davidson. "Right after Japan, we fly out to Europe for a full tour. We couldn't be happier about that. The ball is slowly rolling and picking up more steam," he surmises, mixing metaphors as he talks a mile a minute from a tour stop in Missouri.

"We get a chance to play in front of a bunch of new people. Europe is like the Mecca for metal," he goes on. "Like Japan, too, we hear that fans are rabid over there. The U.S. has an appreciation of metal, but U.S. culture in general it's always the flavor of the month kind of thing," he says. After being voted just that by Spin, the irony of his pronouncement escapes him. "New, new, new, new," he proclaims. "That's what it's about here."