RevocationRevocation's powerhouse debut on Relapse, 'Existence Is Futile,' was a welcome project for artist Orion Landau. "I had been a huge fan of this band for a while," Orion told Noisecreep. "I must have listened to their first album ['Empire of the Obscene'] every morning for a year straight, so when they signed to Relapse I was really excited to work with them."

Landau's preliminary idea for the artwork, like many a project, was a starting point that would end up turning into something different. "I know it's hard to imagine, but the initial painting was very stark and had more of '70s metal album cover feel to it.

"I have been obsessed lately with odd color palettes of that era, and was trying to work with purples and powder blues (stop laughing, I'm serious), but somehow make it look tough -- like Molly Hatchet tough. Well, the band loved the imagery but wanted more of a 'Reign In Blood' looking collage-like painting."

Revocation collaborated with Landau to eke out the image they desired. "We had such a blast working on this together," Landau said. "They would be like 'Dude, can we get way more demons up there, and more fire and lava down there, and more suffering people in there?' And we just kept going until every square inch was dripping with nihilistic agony."