It's quite simple, Revocation are out on tour with Children of Bodom, Eluveitie and Threat Signal and Noisecreep asked drummer Phil DuBois to keep a blog so we could all feel really jealous about the death/thrash metal troublemakers. Just yesterday, our pals at MetalSucks included DuBois on their 'Top 25 Modern Metal Drummers' list. Keep that in mind while you read his latest tour blog entry below. Yes, Revocation like to act like alcohol-fueled miscreants out on tour, but the dudes can certainly rip at their instruments when they hit the stage.

From Revocation drummer Phil DuBois:

"Hello again folks. As I left off last time, we had briefly parted ways with our tour package to play a Relapse Records showcase sponsored by Scion in L.A. It was nice having three days to pretty much just f--- off in one city, but we eventually had to leave that tour oasis and resume the daily grind, no pun intended. It was probably a little harder for Dan to leave than anybody else, because he had made some pretty close personal relationships while there, and its never easy saying goodbye.


Parting is such sweet sorrow, but that's life on the road. Luckily our next show was in Santa Ana, so we could ease our way back into the crappy drives of the Midwest. The shows down the west coast continued to kick all sorts of ass, and we were loving the weather. Especially being from Boston, having a solid couple of weeks touring the southwest in the middle of February is god damn amazing. Suck it, Boston!


Next stop was San Diego, and our buddies from Cattle Decapitation came out to party it up with us. We haven't seen those dudes in almost two years, so it was really great to have a chance to share a couple of adult beverages with them. After leaving Cali, it was time to plunge into the desert once again as we headed to Phoenix, and then Albuquerque. In Albuquerque we got to catch up with more old friends, and Dan and I went to do a little radio promo over at 104.1 The Edge, which was very cool.


Thanks guys! It was weird being in a Clear Channel radio station, because I felt like my very presence was soiling their extremely well kept facility. Plus it had the noticeable vibe of "the man" running things. Still awesome though, and the DJ was totally pumped to come see us live.

Next up was four full days in Texas! We f---ing love Texas, not only for the awesome BBQ and Mexican food, but because Austin is easily one of my favorite cities in the U.S.. We hit up El Paso and Lubbock first, which were both great shows, and then spent a day off driving to Austin. We got into town a night early, grabbed some food at Chupacabra, then headed over to The Jackalope for drinks, which has become a staple of any Austin visit for us. Woke up the next day and received a portrait done for me by a wacky hobo during a morning workout.


The caption says, "Gettin it where I can... like I have to", which sums up just about every aspect of tour with the eloquence only a veteran bum can produce.

The nexy day we played Emo's East which is a very new club in Austin. Major major bummer to see the original Emo's go, because I loved how divey and piss smelling it was, but the new Emo's is still cool, and much bigger. That night also happened to be Fat Tuesday in Austin, which is basically like Mardi Gras Jr. An entire city getting belligerentely wasted all at once? Yes please. We wrapped up our Texas run with a show at Warehouse Live in Houston, which we have played a bunch of times before, but this was the first time we played the big room. Our good buddy Lonestar from Darkest Hour came out to rip it up with us, and we partied with him late into the night. What a scumbag.

I know your probably thinking to yourself, "How is it possible for Revocation to party so hard and still maintain their boyish, youthful complexion?". A healthy life is all about moderation, and its important to balance out excessive drinking with a healthy diet. That's why we're really careful about what we eat.


Nothing say's curbing a night of binge drinking like three feet of processed beef hearts. We truly live by Yin Yang principle.

Well that about does it for this edition of the douche chronicles. Only one week left, so make sure you catch the dramatic finish to our tour, because we definitely have some gems for you.

See ya!"

Catch Revocation out on tour with Children of Bodom, Eluveitie and Threat Signal:

3/1 Hartford, CT @ Webster Theatre

3/2 Huntington, NY @ The Paramount Theater

3/3 Sayerville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom

3/4 Baltimore, MD @ Ram's Head Live

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