He may be four decades into his career, but Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy isn't showing any signs of slowing down. "Playing music for a living is a dream come true for me, so I don't look at any of this as work," said Pearcy during a chat with Noisecreep last week.

"For starters, I'll be doing this cool band I do every few years again called Metal in America. I did it in 2006 and 2008 and I'm firing it back up while Ratt is in hiatus. It's really simple -- I just got some guys together that wanted to jam. This time the lineup includes Mike Duda of WASP [bass], Erik Ferentinos [guitar], Greg D'Angelo of White Lion fame and one of Anthrax's early guitarists, Greg Walls. We're gonna go out and just shake it up. The tour will kick off in September as a package tour. It will include other known singers opening up for me. I just can't reveal the names yet."

With such a deep discography, Noisecreep asked Pearcy what fans should expect to hear at the upcoming Metal in America shows. "Let's put it this way, I'm going to give people what they want to hear. If you come to one of the Metal in America shows, you'll hear 'Round and Round,' 'Lay it Down,' 'Way Cool Jr,' and all of the Ratt hits. But I'll also be playing stuff from other projects through the years like Arcade, Vertex and my solo material too. It's not an easy task to get the set list together. I even went on my Twitter account and asked my fans to help me out with that [laughs]."

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Pearcy then gave Noisecreep a quick update on his solo endeavors. "I've been working on my fourth solo album which will be called 'Sucker Punch.' What I wanted to do on this new material was get a real live feel to everything. So I've been tracking stuff in-between live appearances. I love the energy these new recordings have. "I decided to release a sample single on iTunes called 'Don't Want to Talk About' to get input from my hardcore fans. So far the reaction has been great. It's going to be a brutally honest record and I think my fans want that from me at this point."

If CD collection wasn't already enough, you'll soon be able to also have Pearcy in your kitchen. "Yes, it's true – I have a hot sauce coming out. My company [Top Fuel] is partnering with Giddy Up Sauces and we'll be releasing a BBQ sauce called Kill and a hot sauce called Detonator. It's the real deal and not just one of those slap a label on a bottle type of thing. We're working with a chef named Chris Santos who you might now from the Food Network. That should be coming out soon."