German aggro-industrialists Rammstein are known for their outrageous pyro and often homoerotic stage antics where sex toys that spew liquids are used as props. In 1998, the band members were jailed on indecency charges due to their performances while taking part in the Family Values Tour. So it goes without saying that a Rammstein show is often an event that will shock and inspire awe.

With that in mind, we're pleased to report that Rammstein will play their first -- and only! -- show in the U.S. this year Dec. 11 at Madison Square Garden. It's also the first time the Berlin six-piece has performed in America since 2001. It's been quite the chasm between Rammstein shows on our soil, so the band's return to the Big Apple should be nothing short of a spectacle.

How do we know that? Well, besides the band's history, their European shows required a convoy of 20 trucks carrying pyro, flame throwers, bazookas and other ammo that could level a small country in two seconds flat.

"Everything for this show is perfect -- the timing, the season. We are really pumped to return to the States to play Madison Square Garden -- this is one of the most challenging shows for us in 10 years," bassist Oliver Riedel said in a statement.

The band last toured America in support of 'Mutter' in 2001, where they continued to explore social and sexual taboos. The band still resided in the mouth of controversy during their absence from American touring. Their latest album, 'Liebe ist für alle da,' moved the German government to ban its sale to minors shortly after its release. The order was rescinded a few months later once the culture war was over.

"The American audience has truly awesome rock fans, and I am ecstatic to return to the place where guitar music has such a unique and long tradition," guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe said in a statement. Where better to end their tour of the Americas than in the biggest, best and most culturally open-mined city in the world?

Tickets go on sale on Oct. 8.