There's been a lot of drama in the Queensryche camp for the past two years. Singer Geoff Tate was ousted, replaced by Todd La Torre. A legal battle between the remaining members and Tate ensued, regarding the rightful use of the band's name. There are effectively two Queensryches in operation at this point -- one led by Tate and the other by La Torre -- as they let the courts hash it out. But it is causing some confusion among the band's fans.

Drummer Scott Rockenfield addressed the fan rift, since some have taken sides, as well as the possibility of having to the change their name if Tate wins the right to use it.

Regarding Team Tate vs. Team Everyone Else, Rockenfield told Oregon Music News, "It has caused confusion having two bands out there using the same name. We feel very confident that we have done the best thing for the band and also what the fans have been wanting from the band. We feel so good about what we’ve done and the response that we’ve had with the record."

The band just released a self-titled, La Torre-fronted album and it has been met with positivity from the faithful. The drummer continued, "The fans are really enjoying what we’re doing -- whether they want to choose sides that’s not really important. We just continue to get more support and people really seem to enjoy what we’re doing. We feel good about that."

Regarding a possible name change, the Tate-less 'Ryche aren’t focusing on something that hasn’t happened yet. "We don’t focus on that possibility -- we’re living in the now," Rockenfield said. "If that were to happen I don’t have a confirmation of what we would do in terms of what we’d call ourselves. I can tell you no matter what happens we’ll still continue to make music because the five of us have something -- we feel so great about it and we’re having such a great time. That can’t stop us and nobody can take that away from us. That’s a confirmed thing that we own now -- which is our chemistry together."

He finished, "I do believe that the right choice will be made in November which will be the best decision for Queensryche. Hopefully that’s the case, right?"