Queens of the Stone Age are doing the Dew. The band's song 'Smooth Sailing' from this year's '...Like Clockwork' is featured, along with pro snowboarder Danny Davis, large eyeballs, birds of prey, snowboards, ice sculpters, mountain men and other assorted furry creatures, in a new, 30-second commercial for the sugary soft drink called 'This Is
How We Dew.'

All of the principals in the clip move in slow motion, so the crunchy but deliberately moving track is the perfect accompaniment for all this activity.

The message is received -- Mountain Dew drinkers and connoisseurs "dew" things their way. That way of thinking falls in line with the QOTSA aesthetic and the trajectory of the band's career. They broke ties with their longtime major label home at Interscope and still wound up with a No. 1 debut on the Billboard Top 200 chart with '...Like Clockwork.'

The commercial's goal is to make you want to pound some soda pop but we found ourselves more interested in cranking the volume on the new Queens of the Stone Age record.