Queens of the Stone Age have recruited Ricky Chism from the Do Stuff Corporation -- played to perfection by Fred Armisen of 'SNL' and 'Portlandia' fame -- for an informercial promoting the USB edition of '…Like Clockwork.' Strap yourselves in as this one is going to have you giggling your face off, thanks to its hipster humor.

With his face-framing long hair, Best Buy employee blue shirt and khakis and a cell phone affixed to his belt, Ricky looks like a suburban version of punk rocker Iggy Pop, but he is infinitely less cool. Chism explains how we can merge music with technology by nabbing QOTSA's chart-topping album on an 8GB flash drive, so you can store other stuff and rock out.

It's a warehouse of storage -- literally -- that comes directly from the band along with high res photos, original artwork and music videos, along with the full album. It's also a bottle opener. Does it slice and dice, too? Even if it doesn't, it's still quite a keepsake.

The camera actually turns on QOTSA, looking bored and annoyed at Ricky Chism as the commercial is being filmed. Fabulous touch, boys!

Ricky Chism can't dance. That's the one thing you will walk away from this video fully comprehending. Oh, and a USB with lots of space and QOTSA music and media is pretty cool, too. To get yours, be sure to visit the www.your-usb.com website.