"Sometimes I'm still amazed that a band like Pretty Boy Floyd would [still] be rocking and doing some little tours," says Pretty Boy Floyd drummer Troy Patrick Farrell. "We're doing the Rock n' America Festival, and we're doing Hard Rock Hell in the U.K. which is a really good fest."

Farrell splits his time between Pretty Boy Floyd and White Lion, plus also acts as an agent with Artists Worldwide. At 38, Farrell is usually younger than his other bandmates, which creates an interesting chemistry among members both on stage and in the studio.

"If you're looking for structure, rock 'n' roll isn't the place to be," continues Farrell. "So you know, even though you're in your mid-40s or whatever, you've still got to kind of be loose and kind of roll with the punches. If you play with a bunch of old guys, maybe they're all a little bitter and a little tainted. But if you get some younger guys in the band, they have that hunger where they haven't done so many things. So they're excited to go do these things, and it kind of makes the old and seasoned guy kind of a little bit excited to go and revisit these things while watching his younger band mate experience them for the first time."

However, it's not like Farrell is so unseasoned he's having a lot of firsts on the road anymore. To the contrary, Farrell has been involved with White Lion and Pretty Boy Floyd for years. Right now, he's working on a new album with the latter. In fact, Farrell promises the new Pretty Boy Floyd will be a logical follow-up to the 1989 debut 'Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz.'

"People that had 'Leather Boyz' and then they hear this, you know, it's such a big gap, but hopefully it'll make sense and they'll be like, 'Wow, this is album that should have come after 'Leather Boyz'!' I mean, that's the idea. You know, even some of the ideas are older ones. I think a couple of the tracks are ones that never made it to the first album, and so we're kind of just bringing them back to life and putting them out."

Right now, no official release date is set for the new Pretty Boy Floyd album. As for White Lion, Farrell says the chances of a new studio album are slim, saying it's not necessary at this time. White Lion released an album of new studio material in 2008. It's possible White Lion will tour next year.