Bret MichaelsPoison drummer Rikki Rockett spoke about Bret Michaels' recovery process in a recent video interview. The drummer said that Michaels, who is miraculously recovering from a brain hemorrhage, is much happier having been discharged from the hospital and ICU. Rockett said that life in the ICU was particularly difficult for his bandmate, since there were lots of code blue situations and he was surrounded people in critical care who were not making improvements, which was a very sad scenario.

Rockett also said that Michaels' unfortunate brain injury made him stop and think about life and things like riding his motorcycle a little more carefully now that he is a father to his own 10-month old infant son. Rockett also said that the band hails from a blue-collar area on the East Coast with a strong work ethic and that Michaels' will to live and desire to continue working probably helped pull him through this tough period. Rockett also said he thinks that Michaels was working so much and needs to take a break.

It is also worth nothing that doctors revealed that many people who suffer brain injuries similar to Michaels do not receive a clean bill of health or sustain a complete recovery, as is projected for Michaels. He is a blessed and lucky man with an incredible will to live.

The CNN anchor mused about Michaels leaving the hospital after 12 days and wondered aloud if he will make an appearance on the May 23 finale of 'Celebrity Apprentice.' We think that's a bit ambitious and that Michaels should take it easy and not rush his recovery and suffer some sort of relapse.