On Sunday, this year's Tony Awards aired on television. Normally, Noisecreep wouldn't have tuned in for such an event, but had to, just because glam-rock rebels Poison were scheduled to take the stage for a performance of "Nothin' But a Good Time." The band shared the stage with the cast of 'Rock of Ages,' and as expected, the set brought us back to the late 1980s, when rouge and Aquanet were as essential a part of a band's rider as, say, booze and food.

But we never expected frontman and 'Rock of Love' principle Bret Michaels would be attacked by an inanimate object. Actually, if you want to blame anyone or anything for the incident that nearly decapitated the singer, it would be gravity.

According to reports, Michaels sustained an undisclosed injury, directly following Poison's performance, as he was leaving the stage. That's when a set piece was lowered, sort of like a curtain, capping the electrifying performance. As it made its descent, the set piece came down right in front of Bret's face, slamming right into his head, and Michaels dropped like a ton of bricks.

According to a spokesperson for the Tony Awards, Michaels apparently "missed his mark," and while the extent of his injuries remains unclear, he did not, as some sites are reporting, break his nose.