One thing that cat won't be dragging in in 2012 is Poison. The glam squad will be taking the entire year off so that singer Bret Michaels can resume work on his solo career. Poison are amidst a tour with fellow '80s kingpins Motley Crue, but the group will embark on a hiatus at the end of 2011.

Michaels did say that the band will regroup in 2013 and continue to rock from that time through their 30th anniversary, which takes place in 2016. Has it really been 30 years of Poison already?

The singer/guitarist also told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that "Next year, I'll be out solo again and we'll come back in '13 and go all the way to our 30th anniversary." Even though Michaels is giving proper and due time to his solo efforts, he was quick to assure fans that Poison remains at the top of his priority list. "I've never looked at Poison as a sideline, it's just that as we got to a certain point in our career, I needed to fulfill much more of what I got into it for. I'm very passionate about creating and touring and doing stuff."

Enjoy 2012 off, Poison. We'll see you in 2013 and beyond.

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