Picture Me Broken

Picture Me Broken, the Bay Area poppy metalcorists featuring Gregg Allman's daughter Layla 'Brooklyn' Allman on vocals, are premiering their song 'Echoes of an Empire' from their full-length debut, 'Wide Awake,' here on Noisecreep. 'Wide Awake' will hit stores on July 6 through Megaforce Records. And while PMB -- who have been playing since age 12, practicing songs from Green Day, AFI, Foo Fighters and Madonna -- are just wrapping up finals, they make aggressive music with a maturity that is leap years beyond their actual ages.

"I generally prioritize the band, but during finals, I put it on hold for one week," Allman told Noisecreep about responsibly juggling her school and band life.

Listen to 'Echoes of an Empire'

Allman believes 'Echoes of an Empire' is a song that "really captures an anthemic element of our music. The intense breakdown and energy-infused chorus were written first and inspired the lyrics to take on an essence of breaking free from negative influences that act as 'ties' we must 'sever' in life in order to finally get ahead. All of the lyrics were written in studio and flowed naturally as a manifestation of the sounds and guitar riffs created by Nick and the band throughout the song. This is one of our most upbeat songs, including influences in hard rock and metal roots." And that's why Noisecreep wanted our readers to hear it.

The well-spoken Allman dubs 'Wide Awake' an album that goes against that prevalent "kid band stereotype," where bands with members under the age of 18 are expected to be Fall Out Boy clones. She said, "It's a fusion of hard rock, metal and screamo. I feel that the lyrics directly reflect personal elements of my life, making it a very honest, authentic work as a whole. The writing is much more mature than one would expect from 16- and 17-year-old band members. It shows that we are capable of writing at the level of much older rock bands, which is refreshing in an industry where kids are expected to play three-chord pop punk."

PMB hooked up with Megaforce, a label with a long and illustrious metal history, after the company noticed the MTV-driven success of the song 'Dearest (I'm So Sorry).'

"They're a great label to be working with, because they're very enthusiastic about our sound which consists of metal influences, to go along with their long history of prestigious metal bands such as Metallica," Allman said. "They're also very impressed by our level of musicianship and polished live show that we deliver at such a young age, and they embrace this rather than asking us to change our style to better market ourselves as a 'kid band.'"

Picture Me Broken will be touring later this year. These kids are alright, just as long as you don't call them kids.