With the July 16 release of Philip Anselmo's first solo album 'Walk Through Exits Only' looming large, you can satiate yourself by listening to the brand new song 'Bedridden' from the record. Prepare to have your head torn unceremoniously from your neck. It's that ferocious, which is just what we want, expect and like when it comes to Mr. Anselmo's music.

The song is fast and brutal, and it's vintage Anselmo, delivering his patented militaristic, drill sergeant-like bark that'll leave you quaking in your boots. Anselmo will turn 45 on June 30 and he still roars with the virility of a man half his age.

The former Pantera vocalist is backed by his new band the Illegals, and they churn out gnashing riffs so potent they could put hair on our chest. The song is entirely devoid of any current metal trends in favor of abrasive, sneering guitar work and pummeling percussion that'll leave you punchdrunk.

If you need more Phil Anselmo in your life -- and we all do -- head over to Loudwire to check out the exclusive premiere of the title track as well.

Listen to Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals' 'Bedridden' via Bravewords.com.