Phil Anselmo is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Revolver and he offered his latest thoughts about former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul, who has refused any communication with him in the wake of ex-Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell's death at the hands of a crazed shooter, who blew him away while performing with his and Paul's post-Pantera project Damageplan.

"I feel bad for Vince," Anselmo said. "People should pity the guy. I wasn't there when Dimebag was murdered, but he sure as fuck was. That's his flesh and blood, murdered right in front of him. It's a shame that Vince never reached out to Rex [Brown, ex-Pantera guitarist] and I. I think the healing process would have been beneficial to him, instead of his knee-jerk reaction to fear, and his therapy through tit bars and whiskey." Anselmo has never shied away from speaking about his relationship with his former drummer, which has likely widened the rift between them. [Revolver]

Disturbed singer David Draiman has spoke out in the digital space to confirm that his new project Device does not spell the end of his main band. So relax Disturbed fans. He's allowed to have other creative outlets without it marking the end of Disturbed. Below is his explanation of what Device means to Disturbed.

"My brothers and sisters, my blood, I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for coming with me on this new journey that is Device. I am eternally grateful for the love that you all have for Disturbed and I also understand the defensiveness that can come with any thing that could potentially be perceived as a catalyst to some sort of 'breakup theory' that, I assure you, has no base in the first place.

"If you read the Device bio that was posted on the Device Facebook page, you will learn that the whole project came together quite accidentally, and I'm very glad it did. I think you will be too. Disturbed is still on hiatus. A hiatus is an extended break, not 'breakup.' We have fought long and hard together, all of us, to make Disturbed what it has become, and are not just walking away from it. We all needed to just give ourselves some time away from it. The existence of Device does not in any way shape or form mean the end of Disturbed. They are two completely separate entities, and I hold them both in the highest regard. You are about to get your first taste this coming week.

"You have all of my love and respect." [Twitter]

Want to hear a song from Palms, the project featuring Deftones' singer Chino Moreno and members of Isis? Well, you can. The unmastered track "Tropics" is below, and it's gloomy and melancholic, but we dig it. The band's self-titled release is due out June 25 via Ipecac.

Listen to 'Tropics'

Five Finger Death Punch are in the studio working on their new album. Check out this photo of the band in the studio. The band is planning a summer 2013 release.