Pendulum's 'Witchcraft,' which appears on their new album 'Immersion,' is undoubtedly electro rock rooted in drum and bass, but the Pendulum dudes are massive metal fans. More on that in a second, though.

"The song had 16 different versions," bassist Gareth McGrillen told Noisecreep about 'Witchcraft,' which we are happy to premiere. "Eventually, we tested it out by DJing it before recording it, so we were getting the vibe for it. The version that worked best was the version we ended up with. Once we got a great response from the crowd, we rewrote the lyrics and melodies. It is one of my favorites!"

Listen to 'Witchcraft'

McGrillen concedes that the fans played A&R on the song. While that might seem scary to some bands, Pendulum embrace that risky behavior. "That is how we wrote the whole album," McGrillen said. "We DJ out and we get a rare opportunity to have our audience A&R the album. We have a good balance with what we like and what the crowd likes and reacts to."

As for the band's deep-seeded love for metal? They are huge fans. "What attracted us to drum and bass and electronic music was the heavy side of it," McGrillen said. "[Vocalist Rob Swire] and I were in a metal band in high school and did quite well. We have a metal background, but took a holiday from it and got stuck in the drum and' bass thing. But our metal and rock influences get into the music without us realizing. It's natural for us to do it."

McGrillen also mentioned the new Deftones album as a current fave, saying that 'Diamond Eyes' is "not a disappointment at all. The more you like a band, the more you worry about how they will sound when they come back. With this, I didn't know what to expect and now I can't stop listening to it. Devin Townsend has lots of different projects that I love. I am also into the Cancer Bats from Canada, as well."