Like some kind of unwritten rule European audiences have always laid to waste American fans when it comes to metal by bringing more excitement and fury than most bands can handle. This is why when bands reunite the first place they go is Europe, especially if you're a prog band. These bands are practically worshiped with monuments and sacrificial bonfires. When the metal-jazz-prog monsters of Cynic reunited in 2006, the first thing they did was hop on a plane for Europe. Singer/guitarist Paul Masvidal thinks the difference in European audiences and American ones is blending into a very small difference now, one only seen in certain regions rather than all over. "It seems like you really saw a difference back in the early '90s especially. It was obvious because I don't think the European kids weren't as exposed as much. But it's defiantly changed, " Paul told Noisecreep.

So what's brought on this change? Technology and economy, of course. Paul says, "The big European cities seem like they could be like big American cities, it's kinda almost the same vibe overall. It is becoming a one global community in that sense because of the internet and everything your starting to see it. Everything starts to feel similar. And everyone's exposed to the same thing."

But it seems not all of Europe is like this, many parts are still rabid, "You only see a dramatic different in more remote parts of Europe where they are hyper appreciative of everything. You get a really intense appreciation that you wouldn't see anywhere in the states," Paul says.

But a question remains; why are prog bands so much more popular in Europe than America? Paul attempted to understand this difference, saying, "I don't know if it's because the kids in Europe grow up with a lot of beauty around them and the arts are kinda more emphasized in their culture. It's the museums and that whole world is more prevalent and important in terms to their culture and how they are raised and they get more appreciative of different kinds of art and experimental forms and are more receptive where as the states can often be about what is being pushed commercially and shoved down your throat." Paul interrupted his own thought, "But then again it's shifting and the U.S. is responsible for some amazing progressive movements. I don't think there is any steadfast rule in this theory of Europe vs. America kind of thing."

Cynic is heading back to Europe in support of the almighty Dream Theater before returning to the states in the fall for more touring.