"Six years, five friends and God knows how many countries and shows," Parkway Drive vocalist Winston McCall told Noisecreep about the band's first-ever DVD, the unassumingly titled 'Parkway Drive: The DVD," which is scheduled for release through Epitaph this fall.

The DVD is a comprehensive endeavor, encompassing "everything we have experienced during the course of the band's existence, packed down into an hour and 15 minutes worth of stage diving, circle pitting, camel riding, wave destroying fun." Camel riding and circle pitting? That sure sounds like an audio/visual party! But don't take their word for it. Check out our exclusive clip of the live version of 'Carrion,' which captures the essence of a Parkway Drive show, features hundreds of pumping fists, robust singalongs and crowd participation. Also notice that one of the band members is sporting flip flops while rockin' out.

McCall continued, "You want to see what it's like to sleep in a shipwreck, or stage dive from a speaker stack, or maybe surf a standing wave? With this DVD, people will come as close to seeing the world through our eyes as possible." So if you want to live vicariously through these Aussies, who specialize in metalcore, you can do it via this video release. "We've packed as much of our life into this thing as we could, without the boring down time," McCall teased. "There are no drunken monologues, no preachy bulls---. It's just bunch of friends with a crazy life!"

Parkway Drive are also knee-deep in the writing process for their next record. "Hopefully you won't have to wait too long for our next release," McCall said. "We've been playing a new track live, which kids will be able to see on our next tour stateside with our boys, A Day to Remember. We've been pretty busy and it doesn't look like we'll be slowing down anytime soon, but then again I don't think we've ever slowed down." What that McCall really means is that there will be more antics to fill a second day-in-the-life DVD!

If you're thinking of making a trip down under any time soon, McCall suggests that the one thing tourists do upon their arrival in Oz is get stung by a jellyfish, which, um, f---ing hurts and goes against everything you've ever been told about swimming in the ocean. "Nothing shows the locals that you are worthy of being in their country more than running screaming from the shallows with a tentacle wrapped around your arm," McCall said. "Jellyfish stings: the real Australian experience."