It's no coincidence that one of the singles on Papa Roach's 'Metamorphosis' is titled 'Lifeline.' Singer Jacoby Shaddix realizes that music, above all else, can be the thing that saves people during their darkest days. In these trying economic times, music as a healer is crucial, moreso now than ever before.

Shaddix tells Noisecreep, "We know right now America is crazy times. People are hurting. Sacramento, near where we are from, is the leading region for home foreclosures in America, so they are setting up tent cities and shit is going down. We want to send love to people going through hardships."

Shaddix admits that he, too, has been there. "When I was young, we were homeless. I lived in a teepee, a tent and a van. It was meager beginnings for me, so I know what it's all about. I would look towards the things that aren't material to fulfill me and that's friends, family, music and spirituality." Shaddix's sincerity is apparent; it's as though he's on the front lines with his fans reaching out for music to be a savior. "If you are looking for that lifeline, come to a rock show or listen to a song. Feel that vibe."

Despite that serious statement, Shaddix and his band are proud of that fact that they don't take themselves too seriously, staving off any ounce of pretension. "We're cut ups when we're not on stage," the singer admits. "We're always laughing and goofing off. We're a rock 'n roll band and if we take things too seriously, we lose touch with who we are." Amen to that! 'Metamorphosis' came out March 24.