Papa Roach

The Music Fashion Project is putting its money where its mouth is. The Web-based philanthropic initiative, launched by Sacramento's Tea Stain Clothing brand, pairs hard rockers with their favorite item of Tea Stain Clothing in order to raise money for music-centric charities such as VH1 Save the Music and Little Kids Rock.

Fans simply purchase their favorite band's selected style and Tea Stain -- known for their simple, classic designs, which are a welcome and specific contrast to loud 'n splashy clothing that is currently dominating the 'rock gear' marketplace -- donates a portion of the proceeds to the band's specified charity.

Papa Roach are one of the participating bands, and bassist Jerry Horton told Noisecreep, "We were familiar with Tea Stain, and we've been wearing their shirts for a while now, so when they mentioned this music charity project, we were very interested."

The band selected VH1 Save the Music as their benefiting charity, "because we believe music is something everyone can relate to on some level, and there is a lot of research showing it can be a great educational tool. VH1 Save the Music raises awareness about the importance of music in a child's education, so it was a perfect fit."

Tea Stain founder Devin Hajek also told Noisecreep, "We started The Music Fashion Project because we feel it's important to give back, especially in a tough and uncertain economy. The arts always seem to be the first on the chopping block when money is tight, so we viewed it as a great opportunity to make a difference by supporting these great music charities."