One of the biggest disappointments regarding the impending release of 'Saints Row IV' is the lack of heavy metal featured on its soundtrack, as the developers decided to cancel the radio station 106.66 The Blood which was featured on 'Saints Row: The Third.' The good news though is that Papa Roach are still representing hard rock, as their track "Still Swinging" is featured in the in-game radio station 89 GenX.

Papa Roach are not the only heavy act featured on 'Sants Row IV,' as In Flames ('Deliver Us') and The Bronx ('Along for the Ride') are also part of the mix. GenX is the only rock station featured in the game, so when listening to the tracks, there's a wide variety of the genre to be covered. Although Papa Roach tear it up in their own inimitable manner, seeing them in a compilation with Neon Trees ('Teenage Sounds') and AWOLNATION ('Burn It Down') seems a bit out of place.

Papa Roach's last album 'The Connection' was released in Europe back in May as a tour edition, and it featured a DVD of the band playing at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles. 'Still Swinging,' 'Between Angels & Insects,' 'Give Me Back My Life,' and their signature hit 'Last Resort' were among the tracks performed at the concert.

As for 'Saints Row IV,' the game will be released on most consoles Aug. 20.