"Six months off the road..." Papa Roach lead guitarist Jerry Horton seemed to be in a bit of disbelief as he spoke to Noisecreep. We caught up with him recently backstage before the melodic rockers took the stage as part of the big Epicenter show in Irvine, Calif.

"It's not like us to take that much time off but we've been on the road a lot and it's time for things to really kick in on the new record. So far we've got some really good ideas but now we'll be able to totally focus." Aside from the time, another thing that will help Papa Roach focus is the fact that they went ahead and purchased a home studio/rehearsal space in Sacramento, where the band is based.

"Things have changed a lot since the beginning," Horton shared. "Now we're not spending $2000 on a studio every day, which helps because money doesn't flow the way it did back then. With our own compound, we can go in when we want and do what we want and that freedom becomes really important."

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In addition to adapting to the budgets and realities of recording, Horton said that Papa Roach also tries its best to stay on top of their social networking habits, while still preserving some of the band's mystique.

Chris Epting

"We like to provide lots of access for our fans so maybe we're having a band dinner and we'll take a picture of the food and post it. That stuff goes a long way with fans, plus, we sort of live in the age of telling people what they are doing at all times - that's the norm. But we have to walk the line between letting people in and maintaining some mystery."Who would he have liked to follow online when he was young?

"Nine Inch Nails, totally. The mindset of his? To have been let in a little bit on that early on would have been the most amazing thing."