"This is the naked and fearless record," Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix told Noisecreep about 'Metamorphosis,' his band's latest. Songs, like 'Hollywood Whore' and 'Lifeline' are flecked with a bit of glam and Shaddix admits Papa Roach went for it because they could. "We shot for the stars and tried to push it in so many different directions. We wanted to stretch ourselves and write hooky guitar licks and have a sass and an attitude about it at times. But there's still a vulnerability and heavy emotional content, and a sociopolitical edge with a song like 'Had Enough.' We wanted to see how many places we go and maintain our identity."

Papa Roach were able to survive the storm that rained down on the metal and hard rock scenes, after the collapse of the mid-90s era of rap-rock in which they were often erroneously associated, and have positioned themselves as a career artist. "Evolution is key to our success as a rock 'n roll band," Shaddix says. "We're not jaded and we're humbled to still be doing this. We had hard times but hung on for dear life, because this is it. I don't have job skills. I have people skills, but not job skills. All I can do is make music."

Shaddix, known for his over-the-top, nervous and jerky, kinetic performance energy, hasn't mellowed with age, either, admitting, "At this point in my life, I am as nutty as I've ever been. This is my heroin. I am a junkie for it. I'm the guy pacing around all day before the show, running the bleachers like Rocky Balboa, pissing in the corner and marking my territory before doors open." Well, Rocky Balboa was a reigning champ and with that attitude, so is Papa Roach. 'Metamorphosis' is in stores March 24.