"Gimmie a hit of that Jack," Phil Anselmo beckons to one of his Pantera brethren. It's doubtful there is a better way to start out any Pantera song than that, let alone to the riff-heavy 'Cowboys from Hell' classic 'Primal Concrete Sledge.'

This live cut, which was recently released, is taken from the 1990 Foundations Forum metal convention in Los Angeles and is a part of the 'Cowboys from Hell' 20th anniversary expanded edition. Truly the fury of the band was in full force that night. No video proof is needed.

This is the second unreleased track to surface from the forthcoming collection. The first was the never-before-heard 'Will to Survive,' which showed the gap between their power metal years to the foundation that changed the metal landscape. It also confused some fans, making them wonder if it was a new song altogether. This forced the band to make the song's origins clear.

The 20th anniversary editions of 'Cowboys from Hell' are due out Sept. 14.