PanteraPantera/Down frontman Phil Anselmo has been plagued by back pain for much of his adult life, dating back to the 1990s. Fans are well aware of his recurring back issues, but a bad spine isn't keeping this metal legend down and off his feet.

"Yeah, my love, I have had major back surgery," Anselmo told Noisecreep. "I am a crazy stupid motherf---er, especially when I am going crazy. I fixed my point at one time, and of course, when the back was fixed, after major surgery, it's not like the doctor says, 'Hey here is your brand new back. Have a great life.'"

Anselmo continued, "It takes a lot of work to get to a certain point. And sure, I got there, but before the last summer Down tour, I tweaked that bastard again. And now I have a protruding disc and it sticks a little left, but it is sticking enough to where the pain is pain is pain. Such is my life. Your spine is in the middle of your body and controls the tempo of every second of every day, so if I step out of the rule, even a little, I know I am gonna pay for it tomorrow. It's never fun, but sometimes it's tough to step out of the cage."

Anselmo did mention in our Noisecreep Q and A that he will limit his touring, but as always -- and thankfully -- we haven't seen the last of him.