This year marked the 20th anniversary of Pantera's first grab at metal royalty with 'Cowboys From Hell' -- but we all know that, due to the myriad of releases and demos that have made their way onto shelves lately. To cap this year off though, the demos that became 'Cowboys From Hell' are getting a vinyl release of their very own on Nov. 26.

Limited to only 3,000 copies, 'Cowboys From Hell: The Demos' is not a release to sleep on. But if for some reason the raw pre-productions aren't enough of a celebration, fret not as the Nov. 22 marks the release of the 'Cowboys From Hell Ultimate Box Set.'

The three-CD box set includes the newly remastered 'Cowboys' with unreleased and rare live performances, as well as demo tracks from close to every song of the album. Also included is a 60-page booklet with rare photos, expanded liner notes and replicas from that era like a 'New Years Puke Party' T-shirt designed by Dimebag Darrell, multiple flyer reproductions, laminated passes, a sticker and a button.

All this Pantera goodness is coming by way of Metal Club, who are also unleashing limited releases from Metallica, Slayer, Job For a Cowboy and Mastodon on Black Friday.

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