The video, which includes footage of the band performing separately and together, centers on a little lost boy. The shy youngster is tossed in a dumpster by bullies and when he arrives home, he is left to attend to his own dinner like a latchkey kid. He fixes himself a meal of cereal and wears the goggles he found in the dumpster.

The goggles transport him into an imaginary world complete with his own make believe friend, who wears a white mask and gloves. The mime-like figure befriends the little boy and when the youth has another encounter with the bullies, they smash his googles, but it's the kid that gets the upper hand this time.

You might be left with more questions than answers, but the video makes powerful suggestions about the mind and how your viewpoint and your attitude can change when you view things differently. The song is provocative, as is the video.

Watch the P.O.D. 'Beautiful' Video