The contract drama involving drummer Bill Ward isn't the only trouble facing the newly reunited original Black Sabbath lineup. Last month, guitarist Tony Iommi announced that he's battling lymphoma, and in an interview with SiriusXM Radio due to air later this evening (Feb. 8), singer Ozzy Osbourne has broken his silence about the cancer scare.

"He's gonna beat it," Ozzy said on the Ozzy's Boneyard station, according to "What it's down to is determination, and believe me, this guy's got more determination than anybody I've ever met. It's gonna be fine. It's just one of those trials in life that happen, you know."

"He's got so much support, not only from each one of us in the band, but the fan base; it's unbelievable," Ozzy added.

Indeed, Black Sabbath fans are a passionate bunch, and yesterday, after news broke that Ozzy's wife, Sharon, had used her managerial powers to fire Ward, who's lobbying for a better contract, thousands of Facebook users came together and joined the "1,000,000 Black Sabbath fans say yes to Bill Ward" initiative.

While that particular issue has yet to be resolved, Ozzy remains hopeful that Iommi's illness will have a positive outcome. That's good news, since the pioneering metal outfit is in the midst of recording a comeback album with Rick Rubin and plotting a series of tour dates.

"He ain't gonna die, I'm telling you," Ozzy added. "I told him if he dies, I'm gonna kill him."

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