Ozzy Osbourne might be known for his debaucherous and decadent behavior just as much as for his groundbreaking contributions to metal. Despite his past reputation for being a booze hound -- some drunk nights famously ended with the Prince of Darkness in jail -- Osbourne has been fighting to stay sober for many years, even with the occasional setback.

"I was out of my face," the former Black Sabbath frontman told Pop Eater, confessing that his image as a drunk on the reality TV show 'The Osbournes' was completely accurate. "You have a camera crew living in your house any length of time, you'd start drinking, too. At first it's fun, but it gets old very quickly."

In the very candid interview, Osbourne detailed what his life with the bottle was like. "I just drank myself to oblivion and then did drugs on top of that. At one point, they reckon I was drinking four bottles of Hennessy a day. I'm not bragging about it. At a certain point in drinking you don't care, you can't see. I used to drink myself unconscious every day."

The metal legend admitted he misses beer, and that he slipped in his sobriety even recently. "I think I had a beer about eight weeks ago. What I don't do now is not tell anybody. I have to tell somebody, because if I don't I'm down that pipe hole again. I'm not a saint."

He blamed his misstep on the boredom that comes with touring. "When you're on the road and stuck in some foreign country ... the best part of touring is the gig. The rest is hanging around in a hotel room, and I just thought, 'Oh, I'll try it,' and as soon as I tried it I thought, 'Oh, that's it, pull the brakes lad.' In a very short time, I'd be having bottles of vodka along with the rest of the crap."

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