Ozzy OsbourneWhen Ozzy Osbourne first revealed to the online world that he'd be titling his forthcoming album 'Soul Sucka,' no one knew what to think. Was this some sort of elaborate hoax, concocted by Ozzy haters? Was Ozzy for real with the Limp Bizkit-esque title? Were the reports just plain inaccurate? No one imagined it could be the actual title to Ozzy's record. But then again, it was Ozzy.

It seems he thought better of the title, though, saying that "none of my fan base liked the title. They were like, 'I can't imagine me walking around the f---ing house with the words 'Soul Sucka' on my T-shirt.' So I was like, 'F--- it. I've got to come up with something else!'"

For the time being, Osbourne's latest effort remains untitled. But he promises it will be in stores in July -- the same month he claims Ozzfest will be making its return. He didn't detail what form Ozzfest would take in 2010 (a traveling festival or a destination event), but says, "After Ozzfest, I'm doing the most extensive tour of my life. It'll be something like 3,025 dates."

Osbourne also spoke openly about his new guitarist, Firewind's Gus G., who replaces Zakk Wylde as Ozzy's axeman. Oz says it was nothing personal.

"People are going to say, 'Oh, you're falling out with Zakk,'" he says. "No, I haven't fallen out with Zakk. I mean, he [does not] need me anymore, Zakk. He actually has his own f---ing thing, you know. I knew I had to get another guitar player for a while. I just kept putting it off and putting it off."