Just about everyone has a Twitter these days, and for some like Ozzy Osbourne bassist and Affliction Clothing endorser Rob 'Blasko' Nicholson, it's a way of exercising opinions which runs the risk of hitting some nerves.

In what's been dubbed a "heavy metal cat-fight" earlier this week, Blasko took a pot shot at New York City-based Sirius XM/Q104.3 DJ and 'That Metal Show' host Eddie Trunk, exclaiming via Twitter, "Was just listening to Eddie Trunk Live on Sirius XM ... That dude can go get f---ed! Since when is that douche bag the ambassador of metal?"

Trunk, who can be heard on the Boneyard channel on Sirius XM, nonchalantly responded by saying, "Heard that Blasko said some stuff about me on Twitter while listening to my [Saturday] show. Don't know the guy, no idea what his problem is!"

Given the uproar Blasko's statements have caused, he again writes from Twitter, "In honor of the resounding support I received from my tweeps from my last post, I am putting "Eddie Trunk Sucks" t-shirts into production!"

Neither party has responded since, but some sites are taking wagers as to who would win in a brawl should the two meet face to face.

Until then, Eddie Trunk can be seen on VH1 Classic's 'That Metal Show' every Saturday, while Ozzy's bassist Blasko has his own design line through Afflicition and will be part of the backing band for the upcoming Heavy Metal Karaoke contest in Hollywood, Calif.