If you ever though that death metal lacked heart, Obituary drummer Donald Tardy and his wife Heather can shoot that theory straight to hell. The Tardys are on a cat crusade, operating their own Metal Meowlisha charity. The couple cares for 130 stray and feral cats.

The duo steadfastly adheres to the practice of 'trap/neuter/return' and advocates spaying and neutering to control the overrun of felines in their region. The TNR policy is endorsed by the ASPCA since it is a humane and effective way to control the cat population, and the Tardys fully support the method.

The Tardys find cats in need of health care, including sick and injured kitties. No cat is left behind with their efforts! Their Metal Meowlisha works with a vet and local clinics and networks with shelters to help place the cats in loving homes.

Additionally, for the feral cats that can't really be adopted, the Metal Meowlisha still provides care for them so that they can be returned to nature and continue to live happy, healthy lives.

Metal Meowlisha operates on the "no kill" philosophy – and really, is there any other way to be?- and it never wants to euthanize cats based on financial issues. Noisecreep certainly applauds the Tardys and the Metal Meowlisha for all they are doing to help our furry, four-legged, feline friends. It's refreshing to hear death metal roar in a completely different way.

Find out more –and help out if you can- by going here.

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