Obituary guitarist Trevor Peres has a hankering for BBQ. Growing up (and now spending half his time) in the South, it's no surprise that the death metallist has launched his own line of BBQ sauces, called T-Bone's Famous, which comes from a longstanding nickname Peres was christened with by Agnostic Front while on tour back in '92.

The first flavor is Original Rib'Licious Bar-B-Que Sauce, and it's apparently sweet, tangy and blended with mild spices and a hint o' hickory smoke. Future flavors are in the works, including a Spicy Rib Rub, Sweet Chicken Rub and Spicy Hot Bar-B-Que. So if you like to rib it up, Peres has got some fixins for you! Peres' passion for cooking began during his Jacksonville, Fla. youth, as he watched his grandfather, John Landregan, a U.S. Navy cook, whip up eats in the kitchen! Peres admits he eventually "turned to the great outdoors" and starting BBQing, which is a year-round method of cooking down South.

In a statement, Peres said, "After perfectin' the art of smokin' ribs and pork shoulder, I decided that I needed to come up with my own dippin' sauces and dry rubs. In this bottle, you will taste the passion for cookin' that started with my papa John many years ago.

Visit for sauces, merch and recipes for mouth watering morsels like baked beans.