While many of you may snicker at the thought of a competitive air guitar tournament, some people live for this s---. Seriously. It's stupid and fun at once and who doesn't love a little stupid fun? Last Saturday, 22 air guitar aficionados brought their skills and talents to Chicago (sorta like NBA hoops star LeBron James brought his talents to Miami) to compete for the chance to represent the United States at the Air Guitar World Championships in Finland! The winner who will represent the stars and stripes is a man named Nordic Thunder AKA Justin Howard. We know, Nordic Thunder is a much cooler moniker than Justin Howard!

Some background info about the Thunder-struck one: He lives by the motto "Pain is temporary, but air guitar is forever" and we really cannot argue with him on that matter. He is from Wyoming, where there isn't much to do except play a mean air guitar. He moved to Chicago to pursue the dream of pro air guitaring. He nabbed five Chicago regional titles and even underwent back surgery due to a ruptured disc he suffered during the 2008 season but nothing can deter him from his goal of representing the US in the finals.

He performed Mötley Crües 'Kickstart My Heart' in Round 2, which many felt made him a lock to advance. Apparently, he's got Mick Mars' stuff down pat.

Watch Nordic Thunder perform live

Congrats to Nordic Thunder. Let's hope he takes the crown next month at the championships. Check out more information on the Air Guitar World Championships at this link.