Nonpoint released 'Miracle' in May and immediately set out on tour, which included Ozzfest. The new album was released in many international markets like Japan, and that release process was eye-opening for the band members on more than one level.

"The last time we ever released a record [in Japan], it did well," Nonpoint vocalist Elias Soriano tells Noisecreep. "But [our old management] wasn't as proactive on our last album. Our former management company was telling us that there was really no reason to go to the U.K. That there wasn't even enough market or enough funds to bring us over to even start it. We realized that that was actually just junk. We went over to the U.K. for the first time in eight years not knowing how people we're going to react -- and people we're singing every single lyric to the songs and doing air guitar!"

In addition to that trot across the pond, the band will head down under to play the 2011 Soundwave festival. Nonpoint will share the bill with legends like Iron Maiden, Slash and Slayer. "We've been around a while and we always dreamed of going over to Australia," Soriano shyly admits. While most bands credit hard work and determination as the number one reason for getting selected to play a major fest, Soriano gives all due props to Nonpoint's new management team.

"We're under new management ... and our new manager is amazing about getting stuff done for the band. We've completely turned around. It's great."

While it is great that Nonpoint are finally getting some due, Soriano admits it can get old reminding people that his band has been around the block quite a few times.

"That's the industry of Nonpoint," theorizes Soriano. "We try to keep ourselves as fresh as we possibly can. I feel like we're waiting for people to see us perform on more of a global scale."