Nocturnal Fear's mission on their fourth album 'Metal of Honor,' due out on Nov. 3, is singular: destroy all that is false metal! We decided to ask guitarist Chris Slavehunter for a little advance insight into what the true definition of 'false metal' is for a band that slays false metal, as well as how one picks a metal moniker like his. His bandmates are named Aggressor (drums) and Devastator (vocals), so clearly, having a cool metal name is essential.

"The new Nocturnal Fear album is weaponized metal -- chemical warfare if you will -- against false metal. When your house is infested, you don't burn it down. You send in the exterminator, and that's us," Slavehunter told Noisecreep. So exactly how does Nocturnal Fear expunge our homes and our ears of such pests like faux metal peddlers? Slavehunter mixed his metaphors, this time going with a medical (and metal appropriate) one! "Listening to Nocturnal Fear is an inoculation for new metallers and a booster shot for true veteran metallers against the disease of false metal that is perpetuated by record labels and bands who corrupt true metal with their garbage. We are at war with them because true metal is our religion, and we are hell's infantry."

While he has established that Nocturnal Fear exist to combat all that is false, Slavehunter was even more specific, breaking false metal down to its base terms: "False metal is a marketing tool used by record labels to make money," he said. "It's the fast food of metal. It asks nothing of its fans except their money and a couple of years of their time during their rebellious phase. The bands that play this crap usually do one or two records and disappear, and are replaced by the next group of losers. It's trendy, condescending, interchangeable drivel. The worst thing about it is when I see a band that I used to be into, a band that's paid its dues, jump on this band wagon instead of sticking to its guns."

Another essential element of a true metal band is an evil yet meaningful moniker. Why Chris Slaverhunter? It's got a two-fold, incredibly personal meaning. "My name is the Rev. Chris Slavheunter, Ph.D.," he said. "'Reverend' because true metal is my religion. Why Slavehunter? To me a slave is an obedient, conformist, humanoid who doesn't question authority and simply does as their told. They do everything they can to fit in and go with the flow. Our music is not for these wasteoids! I got my Masters Degree from the School of Hard Knocks, and my Ph.D. (poser hating degree) from Disrespect U!"