No Friends

Members of Municipal Waste, New Mexican Disaster Squad and None More Black are pooling their talents in No Friends, a too fast, too furious hardcore-leaning band that nods to a younger, more rotten, Washington, D.C.-reared version of Motörhead. The new song, 'Traditional Failures,' which you can listen to right here if you dare, is featured on the 'Traditional Failures' EP, which was released for free via Kiss of Death Records. It's also available on one-sided, 12-inch colored vinyl.

"I wanted to be a part of this band because I loved New Mexican Disaster Squad, and I really wanted to be in a creative situation with those guys," No Friends' vocalist Tony Foresta, who also sings for Municipal Waste, told Noisecreep. "Before we were even in a band together, we would nerd out about bands like Government Issue, Embrace and Void. We love the D.C. sound very much, but we also want to do our own thing creatively."

Listen to 'Traditional Failures'

Foresta also said, "I love this EP, because even though we have only been a band for little over a year, you can already tell that the band is growing together musically. And there is a definite change in the sound from our last LP that we released last summer!"

'Traditional Failures' is out now via No Idea/Kiss of Death.

Those Municipal Wasteoids sure keep busy, with guitarist Ryan Waste working on his non-Waste outfit, Volture.