Nirvana fans are waiting on bated breath for the Sept. 24 release of the 20th anniversary edition of 'In Utero.' The deluxe version of the collection includes a DVD which features the director's cut of the band's 'Heart Shaped Box' video among other special goodies. Directed by Anton Corbijn, the filmmaker's cut features a noticeable change at around three minutes into the video.

Instead of Kurt Cobain's singing in bemused fashion, the new version contains more time for the overweight woman and the white-robed child. This change puts an extra emphasis on the video's surreal narrative, which features a Santa hat wearing, emaciated man on a crucifix and a several crows inhabiting the colorful, yet nightmarish landscape.

This version of the video was previously available on the Corbijn's Director Series DVD, but this is the first time the director's cut has made its way (at least legally) online. Corbijn's strong visual aesthetic has expanded over the years, as he went from shooting videos to directing the Joy Division feature 'Control' and the George Clooney drama 'The American.' However, twenty years ago Corbijn' primary calling cars was as a music video director when Nirvana were at their peak.

The 'In Utero' deluxe edition will also feature a new mix of the album, Dave Grohil's first demo ('Marigold'), liner notes from Bobcat Goldthwait, and the Steve Albini mixes of 'Heart Shaped Box' and 'All Apologies.'

The band also came from rather humble beginnings, as recently evidenced by their contract signing with Sup Pop. For putting their John Hancock on the dotted line, Nirvana received a $600 advance. The actual contract can be viewed on NME just in case your heart shaped box prefers to discuss making a dollar out of fifteen cents.