While Nine Inch Nails may have waited until 2013 to play a national late night television show, it was not their first TV appearance. As with many acts first getting their start, they were happy to get any exposure. But if you felt their early appearance performing 'Down in It' amongst the New Kids on the Block-loving youths on USA Network's teen dance show 'Dance Party U.S.A.' seemed like an odd fit, you're not alone.

After footage surfaced of the performance in 2012, Trent Reznor stated in series of tweets that they were asked what TV shows they'd be interested in appearing on and as a joke they suggested the show. But much to their surprise, their bluff was called and they were actually booked. He added, "[We] had a laugh making fun of people, their fashion choices and hairstyles. Life was good. Years later, the Internet is discovered … There's a moral in there somewhere. Come to think of it, Skrillex may indeed owe me some publishing on that hairdo." Watch and enjoy the bizarre performance.