Nine Inch Nails are ready to move forward with their 'Hesitation Marks' album by unveiling their second single from the disc -- 'Everything.' Trent Reznor and crew have primarily stayed on the darker side with the material they've been previewing off of the new album, which makes 'Everything' a bit of a curveball.

This upbeat effort starts with an electronic drumbeat that is utterly infectious throughout the remainder of the song. The verses have a vibe that could have fit just as easily within the '80s new wave world, but in typical NIN fashion, things ultimately thrash out into a furious peak.

Lyrically, Reznor is speaking from the mindset of someone who feels they've tried everything and are looking for that "shake, shake, shake" that will jolt them toward something new. So it's no surprise that with the subject matter, this Nine Inch Nails track feels fresh in showing that the band can break some new ground.

'Everything' appears on the 'Hesitation Marks' album, which is due in stores Sept. 3. The disc is currently available for pre-order via iTunes. To hear the new Nine Inch Nails single, check out the preview of the track at NPR.