The stoner rock label might be one of the corniest in all of metal. But let's face it, there are some records that are so thick with infectiously fuzzed-out grooves and spacey melodies that you can practically see a smoky haze billowing from your speakers. Case in point would be the latest offering from Nightstalker, 'Superfreak.'

Nightstalker don't specifically care for the stoner rock label, nor do they reject it. "We don't reject anything," vocalist Argy told Noisecreep. "You can call us whatever you like, but I have a feeling we play Nightstalker music. We do all the spectrum of rock."

But surely a little reefer has found its way into the music of Nightstalker, right? "Of course, marijuana is my favorite vegetable!" Argy laughed. "In many of my lyrics I have references to the plant."

Hailing from Athens, Greece, Nightstalker have released three previous full-length albums and one EP since forming in the early '90s, and through those releases, they have garnered a strong cult following. But with 'Superfreak,' they have their first release on a stateside label (Meteor City) and an album that is likely to perk the ears of more metal fans than just those with a persistent case of the munchies.

"I don't know what's gonna happen with 'Superfreak,' but I am pretty sure that more people will listen to us because of this album," Argy explained. "I'd like my music to be heard by not just a specific kind of people. It's rock 'n roll anyway, but everyone is rock 'n roll. I mean, I have seen all kinds of people at our gigs. All the tribes are there, you know? Music is there for everybody who wants to listen to it."

If Nightstalker's music is there for everyone who wants to listen to it, it's not surprising that Argy's lyrical inspiration is similarly open to anything that comes his way. "As a songwriter, I can write about everything," he revealed. "I just put on paper feelings and thoughts. In my songs, I'm talking about love and hate. I'm talking about magic. I'm talking about gods, dogs, good and evil, right and wrong ..."