Night Horse will head to Europe shortly to embark on their first European tour with Ancestors, no doubt an exciting milestone for any metal band. "There's nothing more Night Horse loves to do than play music live. To interact in such a direct way with people is really inspiring to us. We're excited to tour Europe and the U.K. and be a part of the Roadburn Festival," vocalist Sam James Velde told Noisecreep. "We're planning on playing a great deal of new material, to give everyone a taste of what they can expect from our upcoming record. We're looking forward to making new fans and friends and having a kick ass time along the way. See ya at the shows. Ramble on!"

The Los Angeles quintet plays a smoldering style of '70s-influenced, American jam rock, dosed with Queens of the Stone Age-style melodic sensibilities, and we hope that overseas audiences are ready for it. Guitarist Justin Maranga concurred, saying, "We fully intend to hit them with everything we've got." That sounds like a warning to us. So all you Euro freaks, get out to the shows.

Night Horse tour dates

4/9 -- Essen, Germany -- Cafe Nova

4/10 -- Arlon, Belgium -- Belgium L' Entrepot

4/11 -- Fidenza, Italy -- Circolo Arci Q

4/13 -- Wien, Austria -- Arena

4/14 -- Munich, Germany -- Sunny Red

4/15 -- Tilburg, Netherlands -- Roadburn Festival

4/16 -- London, UK -- South of the Border

4/17 -- Plymouth, UK -- White Rabbit