There's a rumor floating across the Internet that Canadian rockers Nickelback will close the 2010 Winter Olympics tomorrow night in Vancouver.

The rumor came from Canadian broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi via Twitter. "Closing ceremony on Sunday night: my sources are telling me that the lineup will include Nickelback, Eva Avila and K-os," Ghomeshi tweeted.

Nickelback isn't such a far-fetched guess to close out the 2010 Winter Olympics. After all, fans have spotted frontman Chad Kroeger around Vancouver all week.

Closing ceremonies are often more rambunctious than the festivities that kick off the games. John Furlong, head of the Vancouver Olympic organizing committee confirmed that the closing ceremony would feature, "pretty amazing Canadian talent."

Other rumored performers include crooners Michael Buble and Diana Krall. Rockers Rush could also show up to party.

The closing ceremony will be broadcast live on Feb. 28 on NBC.