When Nickelback make a music video, a big production is a must. The band isn't exactly struggling financially and can afford the best. When it was time to make a clip for 'This Afternoon,' the guys in Nickelback once again called upon famed music video director Nigel Dick. Because 'This Afternoon' is all about the party, Dick created the ultimate in summer relaxation: a giant frat party complete with beer, beer, beer and babes.

"It's a perfect summer song, and that's what it was supposed to be," Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger says of the tune. "You know [it's] one of those things that -- when you hear it -- it just puts a smile on your face. It's supposed to be a nice distraction."


Of course, partying for the camera is work. Check out this exclusive clip of Nigel Dick directing Nickelback, a cadre of actors and some beautiful women in 'This Afternoon.'

'This Afternoon' is a single from the album 'Dark Horse,' which is out now.