There are more than 1,500 songs available to download on 'Rock Band' to add to your playing arsenal, which is why it's rather surprising that one of the biggest selling acts of this decade (11th if you're keeping score) is just now jumping onto the landmark game's platform. Maybe it's the lack of tattoos and limited piercings that made the Canadian hard rockers have to wait.

Nickelback are offering up six songs to debut this week to be downloaded as 'Nickelback Pack 01.' Included are 'Burn It to the Ground' and 'This Afternoon' from the 2008 released 'Dark Horse.' Other songs included are 'Photograph' and 'Rockstar' from the chart conquering 'All the Right Reasons.' Classic cuts 'Figured You Out' and 'Never Again' are also ready to rock out to.

All the tracks are from their master recording, which means turn it up.