August is slowly drawing to a close, with tour and festival season finally winding down, and the school season is beginning to start up again for the young metalheads. Keeping close tabs on album sales each week with our buddies at Metal Insider, this past week also drew in some low figures in the metal realm with the notable debut coming in from Hank III's punk/metal ensemble Assjack and their self titled-release. Nevertheless, artists such as Chickenfoot, August Burns Red and Disturbed are keeping a steady pace on albums selling each week. So metal in the grand scheme of things is still remaining active. The crucial question is thus: "What's available this week at metal?" This is the fun part ...

Gwar -- 'Lust In Space' -- Metal Blade
Cosmic rabble-rousers who were later exiled to Earth as a 'just' punishment have settled long in the metal world, attracting audiences since 1988. And the band releases their 10th studio album this week. Thrash interlaced within the confines of shock rock, you could either buy the album or subject yourself to pissing off some bad-ass aliens. It's your call.
Download 'Lust In Space'

Otep -- 'Smash The Control Machine' -- Victory
Taking a firm stand for females in metal, Otep releases her fourth full length as well as her debut to new label home Victory this week. In the vein of nu-metal with alternative elements, women everywhere will be singing along to each track of the album and a lot of men will be sleeping on the couch tonight.
Download ' Smash The Control Machine'

Burnt by the Sun -- 'Heart of Darkness' -- Relapse
Disputed as the heaviest album made by the band to date, the newest from Relapse's Burnt By The Sun drops today. I'm calling it that for all you Botch, Mastodon, Isis and Unearth fans get excited because this album is right up your alley.
Download 'Heart Of Darkness'

Take it Back! -- 'Rumors Of Revolt' -- Facedown
Making a limited edition run with only 1,000 copies in production Fayetteville, Arkansas are releasing their newest EP this week. The EP includes three new tracks of hardcore breakdowns and melodies, and two amazing covers from Black Flag and No Innocent Victim. The only way to find out which songs they cover though is by taking the initiative and buying the album this week.