Chord - 'Flora' - Neurot
This week Chicago, Illinois takes a spot in the limelight with the minimalist drone band Chord and their latest release from Neurot Recordings. With performances described as each member directed to one note from a pre-selected chord, the group collaborates to infuse audience with an ambience never before seen or heard (in my opinion). I've listened, and with a fond appreciation for the music this album is indeed for drone fans all over.
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Narrows - 'New Distances' - Deathwish
Available as both CD and LP this week, Narrows releases their second from the Deathwish family. Where the foundations have been laid with hardcore for sure, this album carries a Trap Them-esque vibe in my mind not because they carry a doom / metal sound but moreso that they're overall melody is overlapping the traditional overall sound. If you enjoy Shai Hulud's 'Misanthropy Pure' this is right up your alley.
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Starring Janet Leigh - 'Spectrum' - Ironclad
Hail the Canadians yet again! This week Toronto, Ontario's ensemble release their full length debut from the famed sister label of Metal Blade Records. With the album mastered by Alan Douches (Converge, Mastodon, The End, Dillinger Escape Plan) this album to me has a strong resemblance to Dillinger from the 'Calculating Infinity' days. Yeah--- I said it.

Unholy - 'New Life Behind Closed Eyes' - Prosthetic
Rounding off some highlights of new releases this week, the Syracuse, NY quintet in Unholy will be launching their first full length from their label home on Prosthetic Records. Timed precisely in technical musicianship, visceral in vocals, yet thought provoking in the content itself this is an album that should not fly under the radar.