Until Iron Maiden starts selling rides aboard "Ed Force One," the Astraeus 757 jet they've used on their last two world tours, fans hoping for a behind-the-scene peek at one of metal's biggest bands will have to settle for a comprehensive photo book.

Due out this week, 'Iron Maiden: On Board Flight 666' features more than 600 shots taken by John McMurtrie, the group's official photographer.

In the forward, Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson -- a certified flyer who doubles as the group's tour pilot -- praises McMurtrie for capturing all the action.

"Here it all is," he writes. "In fact, if it's not in there, it probably never happened!"

McMurtrie joined the seminal British metal outfit on its Somewhere Back in Time and Final Frontier world tours, treks that kept the band on the road for a combined 28 months.

"I liken touring with Iron Maiden to that of a white knuckle ride at a theme park," the photog told Kerrang! magazine. "You spend most of the time screaming and holding on for dear life. But when it comes to an end you just want to do it again, again, again!"

'Iron Maiden: On Board Flight 666' is available at the link below.

Watch 'The Final Frontier' from Iron Maiden

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