Having kicked off the Rob Zombie tour on Oct. 29 in Phoenix, Ariz., one of the opening bands -- the Danish-American psychobilly band Nekromantix -- reports that the jaunt is going well. "It's going really good actually," vocalist/bassist Kim Nekroman told Noisecreep. "It's obviously different because when you're not playing in front of your own audience. That can be kind of interesting. But it's been super cool. Very cool response.

"I didn't really know what to expect before the tour because I wasn't sure exactly what kind of audience Rob Zombie has these days. It turns out it's a lot of, like, horror geeks. They're just into anything -- like his movies, his music, etc. etc. That turns out to be in our advantage, because they see some of the same things -- not that we make movies. I expected a more metal-oriented audience, but it's not really."

The flat-topped Nekroman, who is of Danish descent, said he expected to see throngs of long-haired people thrashing around at Zombie's shows.

"Of course there are long-haired people," Nekroman said. "But it's more of the horror movie geek type of guys. I expected to see more girls. That's not the case either. It's definitely different. I think maybe it's because of the times, too. Ten years ago, I would have sworn everybody would have been headbanging. Now it's more totally different. But it's cool. We're having great fun. Everybody's nice. Rob and his crew and everybody is great."

He admitted, however, that it's kind of hard to compete with the huge production that Zombie brings with him on tour. The jaunt runs through Dec. 5.

"We don't have the means with crazy lights and video screens and stuff like that," said Nekroman, who's working on the follow-up to 2007's 'Life is a Grave and I Dig It!' while on the road. "We have a 40-minute set, and we try the best we can to rock with our c---s out kind of thing."